What about energy?

The types of "Energy" that effect the planet are:

  • Petrol/Diesel/Gas - creates pollution
  • Nuclear power - creates nuclear waste
  • Wind turbine - No damaging effect
  • Solar power - No damaging effect
  • Tidal force - No damaging effect

You can ...
Consider what types of energy you use and if you can reduce them if they are harmful to the environment.

What's wrong with Petrol/Diesel/Gas?

Apart from them causing pollution, they are destined to run out (hence the term 'non-renewable').
The amount of carbon pollution that the planet can naturally process (known as the "Carbon Cycle") is going up too much.
The planet can't process enough and its causing whats known as "global warming".

You can ...
Consider walking, cycling or using public transport more. Maybe even plan your summer holiday in the UK rather then flying abroad.

What's wrong with 'Nuclear energy'?

Apart from there being a major disaster if things go wrong (eg Chernobyl), and the time it takes for the "waste" to become safe, it is a non-renewable energy ie it will run out.
Nuclear power stations are expensive for safety reasons and for disposal reasons. In countries that scrimp on safety, disposal or expertise they are potentially threatening their own existance.

You can ...
Invest in Low energy light bulbs, unplug unused electrical adapters, reduce the amount of TV you watch, possibly use the dishwasher and washing machine less.

What is the 'Renewable energy'?

"Non-renewable" energy is energy that comes from the earths resources and will eventually runout.
The opposite to the type of energy that will run out is energy that does not run out(!) and is therefore called "Renewable".
Maybe it would be better known as "non-distructive energy" or "silent energy" or "no long lasting damage energy"!!

You can ...
Consider installing a domestic wind turbine or solar panels - with energy price increases every year the time it will take to pay for itself is reducing.

What is the 'Carbon cycle'?

The amount of Carbon Dioxide CO2 in the air ultimately effects the temperature of the planet - to much will make the planet warmer, not enough will make the planet colder. This is known as the Greenhouse effect.
Photosynthesis is when plants and trees obsorb the CO2. They store the CO2 and release it when they die. Oceans, forests and the soil all absorb and store CO2. As the planet warms up the carbon is released to keep the temperature at an equilibrium.
The problem arises when we humans put to much CO2 into the air - more then the planet can recycle and hence block the heat from being lost into space. This is called Global Warming.

You can ...
PLEASE tell your friends about this website so they can start to make a difference.

What is a 'Wind turbine'?

A Wind turbine is a machine that is driven by the force of the wind to generate electricity. Natural wind turns a fan which then turns the mechanism in a generator to generate electricity.

You can ...
Build your own wind turbine or purchase one! Small wind turbines can be used to recharge batteries, larger ones can be used to source your domestic electricity and your surplus electricity can be sold!

What is 'Solar power'?

Solar power is the harnessing of the sun's natural energy

  • Photovoltaic for generating electricity
  • Solar Thermal for heating water
A free source of energy!

You can ...
If you have a shed you can try and build your own solar panels by purchasing the components from an electrical shop or eBay.

What is 'Tidal Energy'?

Tidal energy is the ability to harness the power of the sea's waves and tidal movements.
The action of the waves or the pressure of the tide can drive electrical turbines.

You can ...
Look forward to new 21st century "Thames Barriers" to capture the thames tidal energy!
Put your creative head on and invent the ultimate tidal energy capturing device.

What other 'Renewable energy' is there?

  • Hydro-electric
  • Ground and Air Source Heating
  • Biomass & Biofuels
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
You did ask!!

You can ...
You can research these technologies and maybe invent a planet saving method

What will happen if we carry on polluting the air?

The effects of Global Warming can already be seen :

  • Ice caps and glaciers melting
  • Sea levels raising
  • Extreme weather
Pollution increases respiratory problems and can also contribute towards cancer.

You can ...
Help educate the masses to change their life style so that the planet can recover and us Earthlings can start taking responsibility for the damage we are causing.